5 Ways to Cultivate Intimacy With Christ During the Holidays


By The M46 Team Remembering Jesus is something that’s important for every season of our lives. However, God made the natural world operate with distinct seasons and He loves the changes that come with different weather patterns and landscape alterations. The season of Christmas is a time to remember Jesus in deeply meaningful ways.  Although […]

How to Create Christ-centered Traditions with Your Family This Christmas


By The M46 Team As we gather as believers in Jesus to celebrate his birth over the Christmas holiday, we have the privilege of creating special moments that can be practiced each year and can help build strong connections between parents, children, siblings, and friends. Family traditions can be powerful, bond-building activities that create a […]

The Gift Your Parents Really Want This Christmas: Spiritual Blessing

blessing in senior years

This is the acknowledgement to my mother in my first, soon to be released book, More Than Gold (March 2023): “To my mom, Thank you for being unwavering in your faith, standing strong year after year in the midst of great trauma and personal loss. I will always be grateful for your strength, love, bravery, […]