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Practicing a better way. The Jesus way. 

We Know What It’s Like To Feel Helpless, Hopeless, And Lost.


Bryn’s life was marked by trauma, abuse, addiction, rape, rebellion, and the tragic murder of her older sister, Abbe. Once hopeless, alone, and wishing for death, Bryn candidly shares her journey of overcoming the enemy to experience a life transformed by the Savior.

Bryn’s life today is a profound and beautiful example of God’s resurrection power and redeeming love. After dedicating her life to Jesus, God led Bryn to write her first book, Dying to Live.

Dying to Live is a story of overcoming what Bryn could not in her own strength.

This book is a testimony of God’s promise to use everything the enemy intended for evil for His good and His glory. This book is already changing lives and we have no doubt it will leave a mark on yours.

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When life gets hard, our tendency is to try to solve our problems our own way.

We searched for answers in all the places the world had to offer but it was only in truly surrendering our lives to Jesus Christ, that everything changed.

We found healing, hope, joy, and a new purpose in life

And we want to help you find that too. M46 Ministries exists to help people discover and practice a better way, The Jesus way, so that all might hear and see God’s transformative power and experience His healing love.

We tried every way, until we found a better way.

The way of Jesus transformed our lives.

It doesn’t matter what story you were born into or how far from hope you may feel. We tried everything – literally everything – to fix our brokenness and it only led to dead ends. But there is hope. When we went all in with Jesus, our journey with the Waymaker, Author, and Perfecter of “a better way” led us to what we were ultimately looking for – life abundant.

If you’re searching for answers, if you’re feeling lost or hopeless, or on a journey of growth, we invite you to join us.