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Guest Blog: You Are the Father’s Bridge Builder for Your Children (Part 1)

Donna Tadych, a close friend and the director of Heartsync for Texas was kind enough to contribute the following blog on the role of the father as a bridge builder. Her words impart great hope no matter how much we have failed in the past. Wherever you are on the journey, today is a fresh start. His mercies are new every day! Jesus redeems! The Father’s arms are always open wide, so fathers, open wide your arms to model our heavenly Father!

You, as a father, are building a bridge straight to Abba Father’s heart of love for your children. You are not enough on your own but if you are connected to His abundant resource of love then it will flow through you to them. The relationship between Jesus and the Father is your blueprint and model for how to parent your children. 

As you experience Him, He will give you step-by-step instructions daily on how to build the bridge for your own children. He uniquely designed you and your children and He chose you to be their bridge builder. Since He created them, He gives you the manual on how to lead and guide them to cross that bridge into experiencing His love. 

If your father didn’t build this bridge for you, you may not have crossed it yet yourself. It’s not too late. Right now, this very minute, Jesus offers you a personal invitation to cross over and experience His love for you so you can love your children from the overflow of His love for you.

Bridge Building through Prayer and the Word

How do you cross this bridge? Pause and pray this prayer: 

Father, I have not crossed the bridge to experience Your unconditional love and acceptance. I’m tired from trying to figure out life on my own terms. I want to experience Your love, acceptance and peace. I want you to take my burdens. Would you reveal Yourself to me right now in a way that I can receive You today? Can you help me cross the bridge with You? 

Take a minute and write down what He reveals to you. You may have thoughts pop in your head, or see a picture or just have a sense of His presence. Ask Him what He is enjoying about you right now as you are with Him crossing the bridge into His heart of love. Receive His answer. Believe His answer. Stay in the moment. Don’t hurry through it. Take it in and ask Him why He is revealing that to you or saying that to you. Stay in the conversation. 

Jesus is the Word and the EXACT representation of the Father. He revealed the Father’s heart full of love and compassion. He also gave you His Word, the Bible. He doesn’t want you to read it on your own. He is your Father and He wants to read it with you so He can explain what it means and how it works.


When you are planning to read the Word with Jesus (who is the Word, John 1:1), ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit this: Would You give me eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand? Would You highlight whatever the Father wants me to know, see or hear? 

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are great places to start reading the Bible. Ask Him which book He wants to read with you and start today. Make notes on what He highlights and ask Him what He is enjoying about you. As you experience the Father’s love and joy for you, it will spill out onto your children and make bridge building an adventure.