M46 Spiritual Maturity Assessment

Personal reflection is an invitation to spend more time in the presence of God, meditating on His Word and His ways.

There is great reward in looking at your life and choices through a godly lens. Sometimes what God reveals requires repentance.

Set aside time to assess where you are in your journey with Christ using the following guide. Read through the list of words and the descriptions that follow, asking God to help you see yourself clearly as you fill in the bubble you feel best represents your level of spiritual maturity.

At the end of the assessment you will receive a score with a description of what your answers revealed. Read through the description carefully and consider steps you can take to move away from sin and toward Jesus. Ask God to reveal Himself to you in new ways and refine the areas of your life that are contrary to His heart. Your journey ahead will be a great adventure. God will speak to you if you are willing to listen.

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Selfish Love (Wordly)... Sacrificial Love (Agape)
Selfish love is mainly rooted in desire, lust, and ultimately seeks the good, betterment, and comfort of self over and above others. Selfish love leads people to pursue their own fulfillment, regardless of the pain it may cause in others. Extramarital affairs, pre-marital sex, abortion, illicit drug and alcohol usage, manipulation and control, and the love of money (etc.) all have aspects of selfish love. Selfish love is cheap.

We love because He first loved us. Love is the fruit of the spirit, Jesus is the source of agape love, God’s sacrificial love which comes in and through us as we abide. Sacrificial love seeks the good, comfort and betterment of others over and above self. Christ is the ultimate example of sacrificial love, and we can identify Christlike behavior in others by this trait. Sacrificial love expresses itself no matter the social-standing, appearance, or ability of the receiver to boost the giver’s life in any way. Unlike selfish love, it is willing to experience pain, and loss on behalf of another. Sacrificial love can cost everything.
Prideful... Humble
A prideful individual sees themselves as central to their and other’s decisions, and their importance above that of others.

A humble individual keeps others and God’s word as central to worldview and decision making.
A humble God-fearer, will put God at the center of their lives and decisions, valuing others above themselves as they live in utter dependence on God and His mercy.
Tormented... Peaceful
A tormented individual is subjected to demonic influence of death, fear, destruction, and loss through open-doors in their lives brought about by the sin of others or themselves.

A peaceful individual is subjected to the Prince of Peace, Jesus, and by following His commands, can achieve a peaceful life, and quickly return to a place of peace even in the midst of great external turmoil.